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Tackling Moss and Lichen on Tile Roofs (April 2022)

Professional roof cleaning service in action
roof cleaning procedure

The roof, an integral part of any home, acts as a protective shield. Its maintenance, as highlighted on our main website, remains pivotal to ensure longevity. This past April 2022, our dedicated team at WH Roofing embarked on a transformative roof cleaning project. Dive deep into the steps we adopted and learn about the efficacy of the renowned product, Wet & Forget, in preventing moss recurrence.

The Detriments of Moss and Lichen on Tile Roofs

While moss and lichen might add a rustic charm to some structures, on roofs, their effects are detrimental. They:

  1. Cause material degradation: Moss and lichen trap moisture, expediting the wear and tear of tiles.

  2. Lead to tile displacement: As moss grows, it can unsettle tiles, risking potential water infiltration.

  3. Diminish the roof's lifespan: Persistent growth can curtail the functional life of tiles, leading to untimely replacements. Discover more about this on our roof installations page.

Our Thorough Roof Cleaning Regimen

  1. Gentle Moss and Lichen Removal: Using specialized tools, we meticulously eradicated moss and lichen, ensuring the integrity of clay or concrete tiles remained uncompromised. More on our cleaning techniques can be found on our roof repairs and cleaning page.

  2. Application of Wet & Forget: Post-cleaning, the roof received a comprehensive treatment using Wet & Forget.

How Wet & Forget Works Its Magic

Wet & Forget, a leading roof cleaning solution, is designed to tackle moss, mold, mildew, and algae. Upon its application, it infiltrates the growth and zeroes in on the root system. Over time, the moss or algae fades and decays. Impressively, the product's impact can persist for up to a year, preventing regrowth and ensuring the roof's pristine condition. Our roofing gallery showcases some of our stellar transformations.

Wrapping It Up

Roof care is more than just preserving aesthetics. It signifies a dedication to prolonging the roof's lifespan, countering potential damages, and maintaining the home's overall sanctity. Our April 2022 venture serves as a testament to the merits of expert services in this arena. For unparalleled roofing solutions, choose WH Roofing.

For those seeking unmatched roof cleaning services, WH Roofing stands ready to assist, ensuring a roof that embodies cleanliness and resilience. Make your move; get in touch today!


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